Friday, December 23, 2011


I'm not sure how it happened but, Christmas is almost here and there are things that I just didn't get done...Christmas cards being at the top of my list.  So sorry that none of you received a charming picture from Steve and I this year displaying our beautiful brood, we really do have a bunch of the cutest grandchildren on earth and getting them all together for a picture is well...Impossible! I am going to seriously work on my organizational skill this next year and try to do better in many ways, "hopefully"!

We tried going to dinner the other night minus Stephanie and Cambria and this is what we got...SANTA!  Just for OUR grandkidos!!  They were super excited. Every one but Charly that is! (sorry Garett and Lisa, I took a picture with your camera and forgot to get one with mine :( Send me yours and I will add it to this post...). We had a great time but I am afraid the poor waitress had quite a mess to clean up after we left. 

I can't wait to see the rest of my family over the weekend. I LOVE Christmas and my family

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This has not been a stellar month for me emotionally, death takes a toll on everyone involved especially those closest to the ones who are left. It really doesn't matter if you are 5, 25 or 91, there is never a good time to say good-by. The only thing that makes it bearable for me is knowing that I will see everyone who I miss so much again. I truly believe this is true and I can not even entertain the thoughts of how wonderful that reunion will be.

I miss those that are missing in my life. I feel the need to call my mom, go for a ride with Bruce. I need to eat sugar cookies with my grandma, you know those really thin crispy ones that I, for the life of me, can not make! There are just certain things that those who leave us take with them that we will always miss. Perhaps that is the Lords way of helping us to always remember the blessing they were in our lives.

My Aunt Mildred passed away this week. She was 91. The last living member of my mothers family, she truly was an "Angel on Earth". Sometimes when you would call her she didn't always recognize your voice so she would say stuff like: "Hello, I don't know who this is, but I do know that I love you!" She was always so happy to hear from me whenever I called... I should have called more often. One thing I have learned is that there are always some regrets, we are not always as thoughtful, kind and caring as we could have been but, if in realizing this we make a change, be it very small, we have turned a corner and have learned yet one more lesson in this experience of finding our way home. I can only pray that I do this "earth" thing as well as my Aunt Mildred did. You will be missed Aunt Mildred...For now.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

~Do Good Things~

"The Lord doesn't care at all if we spend our days working in marble halls or stable stalls. He knows where we are, no matter how humble our circumstances. He will use--in His own way and for His holy purposes--those who incline their hearts to Him. God knows that some of the greatest souls who have ever lived are those who will never appear in the chronicles of history. They are the blessed, humble souls who emulate the Savior's example and spend the days of their lives doing good". Uchtdorf


Maddison is one of our little four year olds. She is beautiful and happy and one of the most thoughtful little girls I know. She constantly is thinking of everyone else making sure no one is left out! I just LOVE that about her.

She likes to clown around and make everyone laugh. I seldom see this little one in tears. She told me once "Grandma I don't like to cry, it makes me sad but, when we laugh it makes us happy! I like to laugh". She laughs a lot and is happy all the time. I hope that she can go through her life always laughing and ALWAYS happy!

Wherever Madds goes she gathers friends. She LOVES to do hair and I have been the recipient of many a hair-do by Maddie. She loves cowboy boots and horses, pretty dresses and dolls but most of all she LOVES her mommy, daddy, brother Cole, and sisters Bella and Whitney. She celebrated her 4th birthday this month. How quickly time goes by.

We are SO glad she is one of our 8 grand daughters! LOVE you Madds!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


We all have them, little chinks in our armor that we would prefer no one know about. We spend most of our lives trying unsuccessfully to cover them up usually to no avail. We make excuses for them and sometimes blame others for what they often get us in trouble for but, inevitably we have to face the truth, that being; they are OUR flaws and the only one that can fix them or learn to live with them is each one of us individually. I've learned to call this "dancing with demons"

I tend to have my share of these little critters that insist on infiltrating my already busy life. They seem to be very insistent on making an appearance on practically a daily basis. For me, I have found that it is so much easier to entertain them in short burst, bless you Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative Rock and a "tiny bit of country"...You see, we were born with flaws, we will die with them however, learning to "dance with our demons" makes me and everyone around me so much happier and I like to think it sends the dorks into to sort of a sulk...Better them than me!

Let me just add: NEVER, EVER listen to piano music or try to entertain these little flawed ones with mellow stuff, you just may stay in your "funk" for DAYS!!! If you are like me this can be difficult, I happen to LOVE David Lanz, Jim Brickman, Kevin Kern, Kenny G, and all things soft and beautiful but, believe me you don't want to be dancing the waltz with these things!

Yes, yes I do believe that I have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other...That angel has save my butt more than once!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


This is Ali. She is our "first" grand daughter and just turned 8 years o
ld. Like me she loves all things that sparkle and are just a little bit "girly" much to her mothers dismay.

Ali loves her dolls and her makeup...(little girl makeup of course). She keeps us all laughing. I gave her a bath set for her birthday that had some powder in it...she came out of the bathroom with it all over her face! She looked like a ghost but, she thought it was supposed to go on her face so that is where it

Being the oldest of all the girl cousins, she is always making sure that everyone is taken care of. She is the little "mother" to everyone. I am sure that she wishes at times that there were some cousins closer to her age but she never complains.

Ali is not afraid to try anything. She is the first to climb a wall, ride on a bull that is there only to buck you off, or slide down a 50 foot slide. Not to many things rock her world. Just as it should be if you ask me. Come see me soon Ali!

I Love you.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween was pretty quiet at our house...until...the little ones showed up! All on sugar highs they were ready to go! These pictures were taken after we had
been around the neighborhood filling their bags yet again! (Grandpa had filled them before they had even left to go trick or treating)! I haven't dared even ask moms and dads how the kids slept Halloween night.

Emma missed out on the pictures because she
got too tired and had to go home during the
walk around the neighborhood. She was our

little Lady Bug. I wish I would have gotten a picture of her before she left. She was adorable!

The little ones had a great time and their parents I am sure did to. hehe.

Madison and Whitney were in Arizona with their mommy visiting Lor's sister Ashley. We missed them. Rozzy was sick with the Flu so she missed Halloween all together poor thing. She is feeling much better now. There is always next year... We sent Gage and Ali their Halloween treats in the mail and made SURE that they would get there on Halloween...Stephanie didn't get the mail on Monday...SO, they got a Halloween surprise on Tuesday!!! Another candy high. Sorry Stephanie :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Sutherland, Utah
Sept. 27, 1929

(Today would be grandma's birthday, I think that it is odd how she never really mentions it. Perhaps she may have felt that it would be too selfish on her part...).

Dearest Ward,

Again I am spending the evening in silent visit with you. Why don't you write? Lover if you only realized how worried I am.

The children are all well and happy. The older girls share my anxiety. We watch the mail expectantly and then go to work disappointed.

Today has been a hard day. I have had lots to do and am not feeling very well. I went out last night to help the children with the sheep and have had to pay for it today. ( Remember she is 8 months pregnant).

All of our seed is down now. Marian has a little more to pile. It was so windy Al told her to wait until early morning. So she went out and helped Doris with the threshers. I can't tell just how his seed is running but maybe I can tomorrow evening.

I have a lot of business letters piled up but they can wait until your return.

Mr. Thornton hauled 2 loads of hay today. They had to quit because of the wind.

There is no news and as I write every day what there is will not get very stale.

I will close hoping to see you soon now. But let me know how you are lover, for I am lonesome in a crowd.

With all the love you can handle.


(This was the last of the letters that grandma wrote to grandpa while he was in the hospital. To the best of my knowledge grandpa spent approximately a month in the hospital. The most part was spent flat on his back wrapped up like a mummy for the treatment of blood clots...It's a wonder that he survived the treatment! For those of you who read these little pieces of history I have to tell you that after talking to Aunt Mildred who, was completely unaware of these letters...She told me that grandpa had gone into the hospital because of a severe case of hemorrhoids, this is where my tendency to "over think everything" comes into play. Remember when I said that I thought that grandpa may have had colon cancer? I am convinced that if they would have had colonoscopy's in 1929 he would have been around for a lot longer. As it turned out however, he died about 4 years and two more children later from...Okay, I'm just going to say it "METASTATIC" BRAIN CANCER....That is just me making that diagnosis but, it makes a lot of sense doesn't it)!

The next entries from grandma are from her personal journal and some business journals. They are interesting and more than a little sad at times. Her life was hard. There was not a lot of time wasted. Aunt Mildred said this of grandma. "She was not a 'happy' woman but, she was a 'good' woman and I LOVED her! I am not sure there were many "happy" women during the depression, but to raise 10 children mostly by yourself the last one being a "special needs" child and still be a "good woman" is pretty much calling her a heroine in my book!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Check out Bella's post...I thought that she needed a little COLOR!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Abbie has been so fun to watch grow. Her hair is about as long as she is tall! She LOVES being outside and is always busy with friends or making conversation with...well anyone!

Abbs is #5 in order of grandchildren and an official member of the Three Musketeers (Cole, Madds and Abbs). They hike small mountains in an afternoon finding all sorts of treasures and fascinating things. We have such great conversations on these hikes, I especially love the ones about dog poop! They have learned to be strong and not cry when they fall, even sometimes when there is "blood". Abbie taught them that one! She learned very quickly that "blood" meant that you had to turn around and go home...Now it is just "red stuff".

She is a wonderful big sister to Emma and helps her mom all the time. She loves having her daddy home and is often seen at his side when he is in town (permanently) until he has to go again. He travels a lot with his job so she takes advantage of his being home when she can.

Abbs is a thinker. She has such cute conversations with her mom. I love hearing about them. You can almost SEE the wheels turning inside that little brain of hers.

Clark and Cami moved to Springville
not long ago so we get to see a little more of Abbie than we did when they lived in Farmington. YEA! I am trying not to make a nuisance of myself like I most certianly have with the rest of my kids so that perhaps they will choose to stay...

We LOVE you ABBIE!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011


Sutherland, Utah
Sept. 26, 1929

Dearest Ward,

Once more I am writing to you. Are you getting tired of the same old thing? I sure could stand a few more from you.

Are you feeling better or are you kidding me? You see I am cynical again, but I am so worried. I sure will be glad when you are able to come home where we can see you and talk to you once in a while.

We are all well and very busy. I washed today. The girls have been cutting seed. Al and Norrah Erickson and Bro. Thornton helped them this afternoon. They will finish easily tomorrow forenoon if nothing happens.

The wind blew so hard that Mr. Thornton could not haul hay.

Your father and grandma Willis and Myrl came up and spent a couple of hours with me this afternoon. They are all better. They had been having a birthday dinner for Q. I didn't know his birthday was so near mine did you?

Archie Lewis was over today. He said Guy came down to Salina last night and told him you were in the hospital and as he was going to Holden he came on over. He sure is a fine old gent. He had another old man with him who fell for the girls. Both men commented on the girls taking things in hand so nicely.

Archie went out and looked over the seed. He laughed about it, but wondered why we couldn't get a real crop. Of course, we wonder that too.

Your father is quite emphatic in saying he thinks we ought to quit this place. Of course he doesn't realize the conditions. But really it would be nice if we could do something agreeable.

I am starting to stuff the two sows. George sold father's old sow but, I told him I wanted 3-4 little pigs so it will be just as well to fatten these for our nest. Don't you think?

The wind is still blowing and since sundown has turned off cold. No clouds so far. Maybe we will get a frost. We can't expect it to stay off much longer. As I sit here writing I wouldn't be surprised if we get an early winter.

I guess this is enough gossip for one time. I don't want to tire you altogether so you won't come home. But, maybe it will amuse you for a few minutes.

I will close for tonight. Maybe I can think of something else in the morning. With love by the car load and I don't mean a Ford.

I am you loving wife.


Grandma was obviously getting frustrated but, the mail had to take some of the blame. By the time grandpa received one letter and tried to reply, grandma had written another...As you will see in this letter written to her dated Sept. 27.

L.D.S. Hospital
Sept. 27, 1929

Mrs. Sepha Robison

My Dear Wife and Family,

Your post card was rec'd yesterday and your letter came while I was eating soup. I was in hopes that I would be home for Sept. 27 but Dr. B.T.R. said this morning that it is a little too soon yet.

This is the second day I have been UP! Sneaked out of the hospital this morning. Went crost the street to the store...No one the wiser yet. I will try the same stunt this afternoon. I weigh 134 pounds this morning so you see that soup hasn't put much fat on my bones. I can't sleep nights but, daresent say anything. Fraid they will keep me here longer.

Let the bucks go but keep the date. (
I am not sure what a "date" is but that's what it says in the letter...If anyone knows please tell me. I am SO not a sheep person. It has to be the female, but I have never heard them called 'dates' before...).

And take care of yourself. Will let you know when I can get out.

With lots of love to you and the children I am forever your husband.


an you even imagine sneaking out of the hospital today? How funny is that!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I had to add some pictures of Bells in color. I just couldn't resist. She is such a beautiful little girl that although I LOVE her black and whites, I had to have pictures of her in color too. The problem is more, which ones do I choose. There are so many of this little girl that are adorable.

Bella is growing up so fast. She is now at the age where she does not want to be left behind. She is always surprising me with what
she can do even when I think she

might be too little...

I have always loved taking pictures of Bella in black and white. Never having been a big fan of B/W I seldom shoot anything in it. I have always preferred the colors...Except for when it comes to this little girl. There is just something about Bells that is SO awesome in black and white!

The fist B/W picture was taken last year when she came Triky Treating...She was a Bumble bee but, put her sister Maddie's witch hat on for this picture...Bee...Witching!
B/W Picture #2 was taken when the little
girls were playing "dress up". They love to pull out all of my scarfs and wrap up in them. This was ALL she had on!
#3 B/W is my favorite 2 year old pose... Looking for potato bugs in the back yard. The lazy days of summer...Gone so soon!

Bella is a charming little one. She's not big on long conversations yet but seems to be able to get what ever she wants with few words spoke
n, a smile or by leading you by the hand...Those big "baby blues" seem to get her point across also!