Thursday, September 30, 2010


Bells has learned to climb and with that comes the unfortunate consequences of GRAVITY! What goes up must come down...She is not what her mother would consider a "fast learner" of Newton at 18 months so, I would imagine there will be a few more of these in her future. Let's PRAY that they are somewhere other than her pretty little face!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


There is nothing better than the canyons in September! Oh what beautiful colors are hidden in those green leaves all summer that are waiting to explode in the cooler, darker days of fall...Cambria, Rozzy and I took a little ride up Right Hand Fork in Hobble Creek Canyon yesterday to try and clear the smoke from our lungs and breath a little fresh air and to also take in the "eye candy" that is splashed all over the mountain sides this time of year. We were NOT disappointed! It's like a giant watermelon bust up there! What a beautiful world we live in.

Even little
Rozzy seemed mesmerized by her surroundings. She is so much fun to take places because she is just "happy" to be with you! Just the mention of her name can get a smile from her...

The aspen are just starting to turn colors down low right now but the maples are really at their peak. The reds and oranges are magnificent. I know that every year I say the same thing but, I LOVE SEPTEMBER!!!

The last picture is of a log that Cambria and Rozzy were sitting on while I took some pictures...Cambria looked down and very calmly said to me..."Mom, there are lots of little eyes looking at me in this hole". Sure enough, there were about a dozen little baby snakes all curled up around each other in that hollow log! Each of their little heads were propped up looking right at us! She didn't sit there for long... We were pretty sure that they were water snakes but, there were signs posted all around to watch for Rattle Snakes! Good thing neither one of us are that frightened of snakes!

Monday, September 13, 2010


I SO love Park City! It's one of those towns where you can go year round and find something to do that makes it so worth the trip! In my younger days I was always on my bike exploring a new trail here and there...In the winter it is ALWAYS the ski slopes. Lately, I have loved just lazy weekends of watching the summer turn to fall and enjoying the cooler temperatures. There are not too many better things in life than golf courses whose backdrops are splashed with the colors of fall. Greens seem greener, skies appear bluer and the clouds just have so much more personality adding that finishing touch to what I consider near perfection. Why can't we have fall for 3 or 4 months? Like so many good things, it's just gone too soon!

Monday rolls around and I find myself looking out the window again. Watching from the inside when I really only want to be on the outside...Tomorrow, my bike and my camera are coming to work with me.

Friday, September 10, 2010


OR #3

Solid Grounding Pad w/ 2.8 M Cable (50/box)...I forgot (again) to put the grounding pad on my patient at the beginning of surgery today...This means TREATS on Monday. You would think that I would be learning this one by now. (I think that they purposely TRY to distract me so that they get "treats" the next day. It's a conspiracy, I am starting to completely believe that)! It's not so much that I mind making treats, it's more that I HATE forgetting stuff! Do you think that I am EVER going to remember EVERYTHING I am supposed to do in this new job? I sure hope so. I still maintain that one day, perhaps in the very near future, doctors are going to be ecstatic to have me in control 0f their operating rooms! Okay, maybe ecstatic is pushing it but, they are going to be shall I say "less disappointed!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Labor Day usually means a weekend spent staining the cabin...In fact, it usually means the beginning of several weekends spent staining the cabin. Thanks to Steve and his new found expertise on stains, we used such a good quality stain last year that the cabin didn't need it this year! YEA!!! This left him with a lot more time for the grand kids. They LOVE to play with grandpa Steve. These pillows are really door stops to keep the cold air from coming in under the doors, however, the little ones think that it is great fun to gang up on poor 'ol gramps and see who can get the best "whack" in. Don't worry they are very soft. He just acts like it hurts for their benefit. (For some reason that makes them giggle). Maddie got a little concerned when grandpa put his hands over his ears and had to check to see if he was alright. This lead to her getting whacked and then...Well you can only imagine what happened after that!

They LOVE to climb on the post that runs through the main floor of the cabin...They think that it is a tree. Cole is just about big enough to hold on all by himself. Maddie and Abbie have a little way to go still. It is so much fun watching these little ones grow. AND, Clark and Cami announced that there will be another little addition to their family in March! Hooray. Abbie will be such a great big sister and oh so much help to her mommy. We couldn't be happier for them!

T-minus 3 weeks and counting before little Charly arrives. Lisa is...Shall we say, SO READY! As miserable as she has to be, Lisa always has a smile and a optimistic attitude. It will be so fun watching Garett and Lisa become PARENTS!!!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately, I have just not been my typical sarcastic self. (Maybe that is a good thing). Work has been full of LONG days and exhausting cases so, I think that for awhile it has just sucked the fun out of me. Hopefully, things are going to start getting back to normal and I can return to being quit flip and ridiculous at times which is, (if you can believe it) FUN for me!