Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My person told me a while back that it will get easier...I'm holding on to that statement with every ounce of positivity I can muster right now. So many changes. I wish I had a crystal ball and could see how it was all going to work out, then again...Maybe not! As I write it is raining outside, do you ever feel like taking your shoes off and jumping in the puddles? Probably a good thing I don't act on some of my impulses, my neighbors would probably have me committed with Steve's whole hearted consent! I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy, I'm NOT CRAZY!!!

Can you believe it is almost the 4th of July! Where does the time go? To me summer is half over after the 4th of July. We are headed to the cabin for the long weekend. Pleasant Valley Days in Scofield is one of our favorite family weekends. I haven't ever taken pictures of the magnificent festivities before so this year I will. The ugliest four wheeler parade, karaoke or, other attempts at "music" in the barn, handmade items for sale in booths set just a little too close to the pony rides... Icky. Rubber ducky's to float down the river, and all kinds of food! Yes, it is quite the celebration for tiny little Scofield. You can see and do it all in about 20 minutes! Honestly, it takes longer to find a parking spot and walk in. The best part of the weekend is the firework display over the lake. They do an amazing job for a small town. Perhaps it is because we have such a great spot to watch them that I like it so much. I've never enjoyed crowds and fireworks but, when you can go out onto your own deck and sit and watch without the crowd and without the traffic jam after, it is definitely worth it! Happy 4th of JULY everyone!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


I know, it's been a little while since I have posted...SORRY! I have had a busy couple of weeks. This weekend included but, I couldn't miss the opportunity to put up some of these cute pictures of Bella. Her family went to Lake Powell without her ( can you believe that)! Which meant of coarse that we got to spend a whole lot of time with the little cutie, YEA! Here is a sample of my weekend. I don't think she missed her mom and dad too much do you?

Sunday, June 13, 2010


It was a sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy sort of Sunday today so, in the moments of sunshine the little ones and I went trekking up the dirt trail to "see what we could see". (Something to remember when taking a 2 year old hiking... a 2 year old gets tired very quickly. Make sure that you have the strength and a strap for your camera to piggy-back and hip carry home however many 2 year olds you may have with you at the time ). So funny what they want to stop and look at and ask questions dog poop! We had quite the discussion about the dog poop along the trail...Sorry, but to a 2 year old that is interesting stuff!

Cole wanted to try taking some pictures with my camera so with a little bit of instruction and a lot of helpful hands...He took the picture that I posted of Abbie! Not bad for a 4 year old! I think he's got some talent for taking a picture :) He snapped off nearly 70 pictures in about three minutes! Then it started to rain. Maybe we will try again next Sunday.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


I was asked today by some of our family members that live farther away, (STEPHANIE) to post more pictures of our adorable new granddaughter. They change so quickly in the first few weeks and I am so lucky that I get to see her every day! That could all change when Sky finishes school but, for now I'll take advantage of it!

It was my birthday yesterday so I took the day off work ( I always HATE being at work on my birthday). We had dinner at our house for everyone who wanted to come so Cambria and I took that opportunity to snatch a few pictures of little Rozy while she
was sleeping...SO DANG CUTE! Then in walks Loreli with this beautiful cake! She is AMAZING! She spent the whole day making it... SO hard to cut it up and eat it but, we did and it tasted as good as it looked! The little ones ate their cake and ice cream and after a bit of chasing grandpa and Skyler, playing hide and seek and wrestling they were on such a "sugar high" it was hard to even get them fastened into their seats to go home! Sorry Lore and John!

Other than the weather...The day couldn't have been more perfect!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I need to play more. I think I have forgotten how. I think back to about 10 years ago when my life revolved around my next bike ride or girls trip or family weekend. Now it seems that all I do is WORK! I have had the last week off helping Cambria with the new baby and it has been such a great reprieve. There really isn't much I can do about the work dilemma right now but, I can re-commit to having a lot more fun in the time that I am not there. The weather is beautiful and there are miles and miles of open roads and trails that need my tire tracks. It really comes down to shaking off the lazy mixed with a little apathy and just getting out there! I always LOVE it. ( In all fairness to me, cold and I don't really get along well on a bike and this spring has been down right frigid!). So, here's to the bike, to the road, to the mountains and to the summer! ENJOY it however YOU decide but, put a little bit of playing back into your life if you have let it slip away like me. It is good for the...Well, I can't really think of anything it's not good for!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


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Here she is! Little Rozy, and yes that is a white spot of hair on her head. SO CUTE! No problem picking her out in the nursery. Born June 1 at 8:15 pm. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 7 oz. and was 19 in. long...Yes, pretty much Cambria was ALL baby! Cambria ended up doing all the work without much help from the epidural...seems there is too much scar tissue from her surgery to ever let one of those work very effectively so WAY TO GO Cambria!!! You ROCK!

Baby Rozy gave us some tense moments as she had the cord wrapped snugly around her neck when she made her entrance into this world. The "A" team was in the room to quickly turn her around and get her...breathing. I am so very grateful for the technology and the knowledge that we have now-a-days! She is doing beautifully. Just needed a little extra tender loving care at the beginning and actually, I don't think that is ever going to stop!

Congratulation Sky and Cam on your beautiful new daughter!!!

I promise...Better pictures are on the way! They snatched her from us way too fast.