Thursday, August 19, 2010


I got to babysit my little Ruby Mae today!! She is so adorable. Mommy went to get her hair done so I told Christina that she really needed to let Ruby stay with this grandma while she was there since the smells and the noise etc. are just not that conducive to an infants well being...pretty smart grandma don't you think :) I know that most of you don't get to see a lot of this little one so I took the opportunity to snap a picture of her. She was having a great time trying to get the bow into her mouth! Honestly, she never stops smiling. After this little photo shoot we went for a walk with Shatze, our dog. Ruby talked to her all the way around the circle and then fell right to sleep when we got home. I wore her out! That's good though because Rozzy is on her way up this afternoon for a play date! What a fun day this grandma is having. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE Thursdays!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


80x80_various0035_2Qh40V33UUX3FLC7h.gif SleepWalker image by camferine

Something happened last night...I am living a nocturnal life and I don't even know it! Apparently I have taken up sleep walking. Steve being a very deep sleeper has never noticed me leave the room to wander aimlessly around the house or rummage through cupboards for unknown substances but, now that
Garett and Lisa have moved in they have questioned the noise that they hear in the wee early hours when everyone should be asleep. Last night must have been a rather bad night for me because I woke up BOTH of them. Steve has been in Denver (not that he would have noticed that I had gone missing...) so, I had our bed completely to myself. Somehow my " totally illogical" subconscious self must have over ruled my "logical, do what you are supposed to do" self. I honestly don't remember a thing...NOT ONE THING! It does however explain the bruises that often times show up out of no where and the sheer exhaustion I sometimes feel at work when I think that I should have had a good nights sleep...All I can say is, hide the keys and make sure the doors are locked because you never know just where a sleep walker could end up!

Thank you Garett and Lisa for making sure I was safely back in my bed...And, from now on I promise to always wear pajamas! ( I am totally kidding, I ALWAYS wear pajamas :).

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

~COUNT MY MANY BLESSINGS...Gage, Ali, Cole, Maddie, Abbie, Bella, Rozlyn, and soon Charly~

Does this little girl look exactly like her daddy or what? I have tried to pick out a Caldwell or Clark gene somewhere but as of yet there isn't one to be found. She is Robertson through and through! I love the different stages of babies but, I think one of my most favorite is three months. Rozzy is fast approaching that. She smiles and coos and follows you with her eyes. It has been such fun having Sky and Cambria just five minutes away. Yes, grandma has been just a little spoiled! What ever will I do when they move away? Maybe Garett and Lisa will have to live with us permanently!

We are so fortunate to have a very talented photographer (Rozzy's other grandma) in the family who takes amazing pictures...We will always have the very best of Rozzy to show off thanks to Grandma Shauna!