Sunday, August 26, 2012


Photos of the Moment -
Sometimes life gives us interesting ways to get through the rough spots, and it is usually during these times that we find or, re-connect with some of our best friends who have that "way" of reminding us: "Hold on", I will help you through.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


I am  obsessed with "B's" at the moment...Bali, Bora, Bora, Belize, bed, boredom, I think I need a vacation. I know I need a vacation but, with that being said, there will not be one on the horizon for now.  I thought that I could perhaps persuade even shame Steve into taking a couple of weeks and thousands of dollars and just sitting in the sand with an ice cold drink in our hand but, my charm has gotten weak and my good sense seems to kick in at about the time we sit down to book airline tickets...Why do we have to get so cautious as we get older? I remember times (not many, but a few) when we did things just for the pure pleasure of doing it. I think that the word that we used   w  a   y   back then was SPONTANEOUS. What happened to our spontaneity? Has that blanket of common sense and cautious spending taken over so much that we no longer even enjoy a whim now and then?  How sad. How responsible  but still, how sad.

There are lots of things about becoming an adult that I absolutely love, there are many things about my "golden years" that I truly do look forward to but, the child that still lives in my soul makes it extremely difficult to accept being responsible all the time.  It is a good thing that I had parents that taught me that making choices held consequences and that sometimes it is just easier to be responsible... Can't say that the whole Eat, Love, Pray thing doesn't sound enticing even intriguing but seriously, who does that...

I received an email from my dear friend from Africa a few days ago. He is living in France now in a small cottage with a garden that he works in day in and day out. He sent me some pictures  and I have to say that while the cottage is indeed in France, it looks very much like many of the summer homes I have seen here. The garden is beautiful but, if I worked in mine day in and day out it would be too. Perhaps I need to pause and be grateful for what there is around me all the time instead of always thinking that I need to go to far away places to "fill my cup".  The other night as the wild fires burned I walked outside just as the sun was beginning to set. With all the smoke in the air the sunsets have been absolutely breathtaking. This picture really doesn't do it justice but, my point being...I just had to step outside...