Sunday, March 31, 2013


Steve had flowers delivered to my work for our anniversary.  He does it every year. It is the only time I will let him give me flowers because, I just HATE to watch the week long process of them shriveling up. I always feel like I should be doing something more to try and save them... There is this flower shop in The Riverwoods called the Veranda that does the most unique and beautiful arrangements and they actually last a pretty long time compared to most!  He is so thoughtful to always send them and I really do love them. I just wish I could keep them from dying.

Mostly, I love that he remembers every year! It is getting harder and harder for both of us :)

I threw in a couple pictures of Charly because she came to visit while my camera was out. She loves to play with the dress-ups.  Not so much the dresses but all the accessories. She will put on every bracelet, crown, and necklace she can find.  

I remember dressing up when I was little.  I remember dressing my little brothers up too. Bruce was always a fairly willing victim, Shane, not so much. So many times Bruce turned into my little "sister"
I still love him for that. There were just times that I needed a little "sister"!

Saturday, March 30, 2013


So, I decided that I would try out that supplement everyone has been talking about that helps you focus and stay "clued in" better.  I thought that it might give me a slight chance of keeping myself from going completely crazy... I read the directions carefully to make sure that I would reap the full benefits of this AMAZING "natural" substance and took the first bullet sized tablet. I then laid the other three out for me to take to work so that I could take them during the day as the instructions had indicated.  I continued to get ready for work thinking that as the day went by I would surely feel like a new woman. What a relief knowing that I wasn't going to be so forgetful and scatter brained  anymore. Every one that I have talked to love the stuff and say that it has really helped them.  I am really excited...Except:

A.  I forgot to take the other three with me to work...

B.  For the last three days... and

C.  So far,  it is not working on only one, tablet a day :) 

Truly pathetic!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Every now and again things happen in the OR that truly are worth mentioning. Today was one of those days.  There are not a lot of times when I sing the praises of a doctor because of the way he conducts himself with his crew. Usually, he is the "king" and we are his mere servants...Weigh this, weigh that, why did it take so long to prep that patient? I need a 4.0 Vicryl, a 2.0 PDS oh and a 6.0 Prolene...Turn the bovi up to 70, why isn't the suction working? Change the station, I'm not listening to that $#!* all day...Turn the lights on, turn the lights off,  turn the heat down, turn the heat down some more...Open the doors, it TOO HOT.   Hey Joey, I made a mess over here...Catch my drift...So, when one actually is kind it does not go unnoticed by any of  us! The surgeon that I worked with today not only helps us clean and dress the patient when the surgery is done but, helps us get her onto the gurney. He then helps tidy's up the room with the scrub and today while we were taking our lunch break...(a whole 15 minutes), I saw him fill up the fork bin because we were out of forks. He didn't just get one for him, he grabbed enough for everyone and FILLED the fork bin! DOCTORS DON'T DO THAT!!!  You could have blown me over with a feather.  I just had to write it down. I think sometimes I complain too much about how demanding they can be and forget to say anything nice.  There are plenty of nice things I promise.

Just for the fun of it, which Doc do you think that I worked with today? (I narrowed it down to just the plastic Doc's...Just to make it easier :)


Sunday, March 10, 2013


(and her adoring Grandma Shauna)

Yesterday we blessed Essie. She is such a sweet little baby. 
I borrowed these pictures from her Grandma Shauna because she is our very own professional photographer...And Stephanie forgot hers!

Oh, they grow so fast. Seems like that old song the "Kinfolk" used to sing keeps tapping me on the shoulder to remind me just how important it is to enjoy and cherish each and every day with the ones you love!

"Turn around and they'er two, turn around and they'er four,
turn around and they are  young girls walking out of the door..."