Thursday, October 4, 2012


The leaves are almost gone from the trees on the trail that I run.  I wait all year for these few short weeks to be able to run in such a  beautiful place.  This past summer an Eagle Scout group put benches in at different points on this trail.  I have yet to sit on one but, I thought that the leaves were too pretty to pass up today.  All three colors just sitting there waiting I guess for me to take their picture!
I hate to say it but, I wish that this weather would stick around for a little while longer.  I know that as soon as the wind blows ALL of the leaves will be gone and it will be a long winter, spring and summer before they return.

Okay, these pictures are not so good, I took them with my phone but, if you want you can come with me tomorrow and see for yourself just how gorgeous they really are before they are gone again for another year.

(Yes, that is the Carin that I built. It has been nearly a month and no one has destroyed it yet).