Saturday, June 23, 2012


Nancy sent me this picture of Dad the other day and I just had to share!  Isn't he handsome! I swear, the guy just gets better looking everyday! Mom knew what she was doing!

Dad is the hardest working, honest, thoughtful, happy person I know.  He always has been. I remember very few times in my life when he was ever upset...Maybe once or twice with a couple of sons and the weather but not even that lasted long.  Never with me...I was perfect in his eyes. Still am.  Being the only girl has it's privileges :)  I didn't know until I was older just how much I had him wrapped around my finger, if I had, I surely would have taken advantage of it more in my teenage years!  I say that but I know that I could have NEVER done anything that would have made my dad upset with me because you see, as much as I want to think that I had him wrapped around my finger it was really the opposite. There wasn't ANYTHING I would not do for him...Still isn't.  He is my rock in this world of never ending ups and downs, my hero, because every little girl needs one,  and the home to my heart. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012



I need help!  I have no idea what these berries are.  They grow on a tree, not a bush, they start out white and then turn the many different shades of lavender and maroon.  They are VERY sweet.  Do any of you know what they are? Yes I did eat them (Adam would not have stood a chance with me either...) and since Eden isn't really an option, I will be happy with the fact that I am still alive and that I was not "cast" anywhere for the time being.  I have honestly never seen these before ( just one more reason one should possibly think twice before popping them into ones mouth).  Anyone with "Berry" knowledge out there please tell me what they are...If they are toxic, well that would be a shame but, a rather pleasant way to go, they really are GOOD!

The last couple of pictures are of the Day Lily's in our backyard.  The sprinklers has just watered them and the sun had just gone down. Everything looked prettier than it really is so, I had to take a few pictures to remind me that even MY backyard can be beautiful at certain times of the year!

Sunday, June 10, 2012



We had a very busy weekend with the little ones. It was ART CITY DAYS, which is Springville City's annual city celebration so the whole week has been filled with different events to keep everyone occupied culminating with a breakfast provided by the firemen, a parade, carnival and fireworks last night. The grandkido's were SO excited to do it ALL!!  It was fun for me to watch them having so much fun!  I worry sometimes that they are going to get hurt running out there to pick up candy that is thrown their way...Why is it that it is SO enticing?  They would think grandma and grandpa a couple of cheap scape's if we were to offer them the same things for treats.  Maybe we just need to line them up on the curb and drive up the road in the car and throw the stuff out the window at them. Perhaps then they would like that sort of stuff from us.  It might be worth a try! 

I took Cole for a hike up the canyon on Saturday while all of the little ones were taking a power nap. On the way home he discovered under some dirt and leaves next to a small oak tree a very interesting rock with gold and yellow and brown swirls in it. It is really beautiful...We are wondering how he could have seen it there. I pass that spot all the time and have NEVER noticed anything there and he goes up on his first trip and comes home with a treasure. Wow, both he and Gage are quite the eagle eyes in the family.  I think that I should take them arrowhead hunting with me!

I am pretty tired after all the excitement this weekend and feel pretty proud of myself for taking tomorrow off. How great is that!  I may just sit back and enjoy myself doing NOTHING!  That is a stretch for me!

I borrowed a couple of pics from my daughter-in-laws blogs, hope they don't mind :)

Friday, June 8, 2012


Cole is 6 and a half, Thor is 3.  Thor is sitting in this picture and Cole is standing!  At 170 lbs. Thor is the most gentle giant you will ever encounter. He LOVES kids and is patient and sweet ALL of the time. Every now and again Cambria, Skyler and Rozzy load him in the car and bring him with them so he can visit with the kids.  Needless to say, he is a "BIG" hit!  Rozzy doesn't call him Thor, she refers to him as "Good Boy"...From the mouths of babes!  Children and animals, does it get any better?