Sunday, July 31, 2011


I ditched my last two meetings today and went to Sugarville to visit my Dad. I am SO glad that I did. We had such a great time. I just love to go home to see him and this summer is so great because he has retired from the Canal District and is actually home...When he is not in Alaska, Piute Reservoir, Kusherim (I'm sure I spelled that wrong), or one of his other favorite fishing "hang outs". I took Cambria and Christina with me and Ruby and Rozzy were more than happy to tag along. Great Grandpa Bob was so happy to see the two little girls that he almost forgot about the rest of us! It is a rare treat when Great Grandpa can play with the baby's like Grandpa can. PLEASE let me be blessed with my dads healthy genes! We talked and took pictures all afternoon until before we knew it the time had come to get the little ones home. Another weekend gone. Another visit home ended too soon. There are always so many people I would LOVE to see when I am there... Somehow I usually only make it to my Dad's backyard!

What a wonderful place to be for an afternoon!


This is a picture of my dad and my uncle Bill standing in front of the old Robison Ranch house on the boarder of Utah and Nevada where a lot of my mom's brothers and sisters grew up. It was taken last week by my brother Matt when they decided to go out and visit the old place. My mom spent a few years out there but after her father died her mother moved the family into Delta.

My strong and stoic grandmother lovingly raised 11 children while working this ranch with my grandfather the youngest of which was born with severe cerebral palsy due to an injury at birth. My grandfather died of cancer shortly after this last little girl was born. My mother was three when her dad died. She was child number ten. Alma their little CP sister was one, and would live another 18 years completely loved and one hundred percent spoiled by her mother, brothers and sisters.

The Pony Express came through just a short ride from the Robison Ranch. They even have a monument and a museum there with many relics from express days. I wonder if those men who rode those horses for days ever imagined communication like we have today...A click of a key and an instant message. How far we have come in a very short time. Someone told me once that what ever you imagine will someday be the future! Clearly, I am not very imaginative, or maybe I just rather like things the way they are because most days I honestly ask myself: " Does it get any better than this"?

If it does...BONUS!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wow! It has been awhile since I last posted. I think that I have been a little busy with "life" and a lot of work but, I was BLESSED with a 5 day weekend and have a few minutes to actually sit down and put a few things on my blog. It feels so GOOD!

We had our annual King Family reunion last weekend in Mona. Less people are showing up each year. There are only three sisters left in Steve's mom's family and they sometimes forget who their own kids are let alone all the nieces and nephews! It is always great to see some familiar faces. Of coarse it gave me the opportunity to snatch a few pictures of our family that attended, mostly the grandkidos...We also had the pleasure of blessing Whitney Lynn on Sunday so Stephanie was here with Gage and Ali. They are getting so big. Gage had an unfortunate accident about a month ago and knocked out his front tooth. He had to go to the endodontist for a root canal and apicoectomy on Tuesday so they stayed with me for a few days. Oh, how I wish they were closer. They are so much fun. I LOVE talking to Ali. She is so wise. (except for when she's not). Gage is Mr. Talent...Give that kid a pencil and paper and he is entertained for hours! Stephanie loves them SO much. I hope they realize how lucky they are to have parents that are so willing to help them become the best that they can be. I could say that about all of my kids. They have all not surprised me but, made me very proud at how well they parent. Stephanie, John , Clark, Garett and Cambria I am in awe everyday and so, so blessed! I have to give 50% of the credit to their better halves who, are TOTALLY AWESOME! Thanks Jon, Lore, Cami, Lisa and Sky! Here are the latest pictures from this last weekend...A lot!