Monday, September 17, 2012


This little fellow was hiding, well, I should say that he was holding very still...When I started to edit this picture, I found him! Nice to get little surprises!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


It was Stake Conference today so we had the whole afternoon to enjoy.  We are usually in meetings until about 4:30 on Sundays so this was a rare occasion to take advantage of an invitation from Garett and Lisa to get out and see FALL!!!

We loaded everyone into Lisa car, including Wrath and headed to Sundance.  How I love Sundance. Have I ever mentioned that before?  It is just as beautiful in the Spring, Summer and Fall as it is in the WINTER!!!
Here are just a few  of the pictures that I took...I think I had a total of 91 in the two short hours we were gone.  I LOVE digital!

 Charly had to "push" her jogger...Fortunately she grew tired of that pretty fast!
 Gar and Charly by the waterfall
 Charly standing in the water which was COLD!

 Not much water coming over the top but, still pretty!

 Yes!  These are some of my favorite ski slopes!!
 I love aspen :)

 Gar, Lis and Charly

 Couldn't resist. 
 Steve and Wrath.
 Looking down on Aspen Grove.
 We made it!
 The leaves looked different depending on which way the light hit them.
My favorite...the "watermelon bust".

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


My running partner.
I built this Caren at the end of my run uphill today. I am wondering how long it will take until someone knocks it down. I needed to do something while I caught my breath and before I started the downhill.  It was a beautiful morning after the rain the night before. The canyon always smells so good after a rain.  The mornings are getting rather cool and before long I will be wishing the warm weather back again...How I love the fall!