Sunday, April 24, 2011


This is little Whitney, she is the newest member of the Caldwell Clan. She is so tiny and cute. We are so glad that she is here beautiful and healthy. We couldn't ask for anything more. The pictures were taken today Emma is just 6 weeks older than Whitney, can you believe that they change that much in just 6 weeks!

For those of you who haven't seen these two little ones. The pictures go -from top to bottom- Whitney, Emma Whitney, Emma and Whitney together...Whitney already has " blond" roots so we know that she will most likely follow in her sisters footsteps, but, what color will her eyes be? Emma is a redhead! Yea, for readheads. She has a really pretty dark auburn color which will probably lighten up to be like her moms. A really pretty strawberry blonde. This is going to be fun watching all these little girls grow!


It is ALWAYS so much fun to get together with family. Today we celebrated Ruby's 1st, YES, numero UNO...BIRTHDAY. Can you believe this little girl is a year old. She is taking her first steps and learning to be just a bit more independent. What a little cutie she is. Here are some pictures from her birthday party. She looks so much like Nina did when she was the same age and she never holds still...Hummm, her looks aren't the only thing she got from her mom!! She LOVES her daddy and if anyone tries to play with him she gets very possessive and protective. It could get real interesting as she heads into her "two's" ... I love the picture of all the "little girls" No, not Jessie, Christina, Cambria and Lisa, they are cute but, I'm talking about Evelyn, (Evie) Ruby, Rozzy, and Charly. My little girls and their little girls!!! WEIRD, I don't remember getting that old ( except on the really cold days when it is hard for me to move). Seems like there are more people calling me grandma than mom now and you know what? I rather like it!

After Little Ruby's party we came home and had a Easter egg bash at my house with some of the other grand kido's. Abbie, Cole, Maddie, Bella and Rozzy all came over to color Easter eggs. I really hope that we get a WARM Easter next year so that before they are all grown up we can have the Easter egg hunt OUTSIDE again. We made the best of the rainy weather and colored lots and lots of eggs. They were happily entertained for approximately 20 minutes...That's a LONG time for this group!

Saturday, April 23, 2011


I took a chilly walk around the yard this morning just to see what the deer had left. I was surprised to find a few spots of color...Very few. I have a love-hate relationship with the deer. They are nice to have around in the winter time giving me many hours of entertainment in an otherwise rather boring environment. However, come spring I would really like it if they would return to the mountains and leave my yard alone! They are starting to become so docile that they actually play with our dogs!
Um, we got the dogs to keep the deer away...Now we have this new dog that is bigger and he can smell them but because of all of his wrinkles he can't always see them. He will take off in the completely wrong direction thinking that he is hot on their trail...The deer are "terrified" of him. ~(NOT)~ They look at each other and in their own "deer" sort of way romp off. I swear I can hear them mocking my dog as they go.

It seems like spring has taken it's sweet time getting here this year. I can only hope that when it decides to come and STAY, we will have many weeks of warm not HOT days to get out and make our yards beautiful so that the deer will have much to feast upon this winter!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

~Flowers, Birds, Green grass, Warm Sunny Days, Blue Skies...~

It's time! Time for flowers and warm sunny days. This "winter gal" is DONE. I need to get my hand dirty, dig up a few worms and make sure the soil is turned over and ready for planting...Yesterday as I was doing just that a Robin landed just a little distance from where I was working. I watched as he carefully hopped closer and closer to the soil I had been working with. Soon he was right next to me pulling the worms from the ground like a pro. The birds even want us out working in our yards! They are willing to set aside their fears just a little to welcome us back to turn the soil over for them so that they can easily fill their little tummies with food. I was glad I could help the little guy out. As long as I didn't make any "sudden" movements he was willing to stick around, however, you can't get a whole lot accomplished without moving...It was a short visit!

At times I actually consider moving to a climate that allows me to grow thing all year but then I think about skiing and I am not quite willing to give that up so, I will continue to LOVE the snow but, as my age marches steadily on, I am beginning to take great joy in the warm temperatures that wrap around my frozen joints and loosen up my achy body this time of year! Viva la SPRING!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I hate breast cancer.

There, I said it. There are not many things in this life that I hate but, breast cancer is at the top of my very short list.
I said good-by to my phenomenally talented sister-in-law on Monday another victim of BC. Too young and still too needed here to have been taken from us by this ugly disease. It plays tricks on you. It lets you think for awhile that you have actually beaten it and then just when you think that you have control of your future it slaps you in the face and lets you know that you will NEVER be able to face a day without wondering what this quiet monster is up to inside the walls of every tiny cell in your body.

I wear my BC awareness pin everyday. I now wear my mothers. The one she wore for her sister and best friend. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about the women I have known who have fought the fight. Most are gone now but, what examples they are to me. I have been forever touched for the better by your lives and your friendships. I love each one of you so very much.