Sunday, April 29, 2012


After a rather difficult week at work I was feeling a little sorry for myself and yes probably a little bit angry also. I have a habit of coming home and sitting at my computer thinking that some sort of inspiration will filter into my mind to help me "cope" with  feelings of wanting to stomp my feet, throw myself on the floor and scream "why me?" It was while at my computer that I "Stumbled" on this...I LOVE it, so I thought that I would share it because maybe you will too!

By: Elsa Joy Bailey 

 There are moments in this life when we find ourselves just plain mad.
healing anger
Something happens that seems unjust, or cruel, or unreasonable, and whatever it is has impacted us or someone we care about. The thing makes us angry, no question about it.
anger management
The question is, what do we do with that angry feeling? Is it possible to accept it in without causing damage?
spiritual growth
It's possible. Actually, it's more than possible: it's smart.
Just like all the other visitors that stop by our home to say hello, anger is a temporary caller. Most of us have no problem accepting visitors as they are; manners and affection have taught us to pay kind attention to them during their stay. We welcome them in, take their coat, show them to a chair.
anger counseling
What we don't do, of course, is hand over our keys to them and tell them they can have the run of the place. We listen to them, feed them snacks, extend them hospitality. We spend our moments with them and then send them on their way.
spiritual guidance
So this is precisely the way to deal with any uncomfortable visitors that stop by our mind for a brief while. Irritation, anger, impatience, resentment -- you know their names. They've all come to raise hell, and if we are smart, we will bring them in, sit them down and listen quietly to their story. We may even comfort them: "Sure, I can see why you're feeling that." Because we are generous hosts, we give them a chance to breathe and feel acknowledged. Then we send them on their way -- because they don't, after all, live in our home. They're only visiting.
healing anger
If, on the other hand, we haven't yet learned that anger is merely a wave of energy -- one that will pass-- we may sometimes confuse our feelings for our identity. If we think the anger is who we are, it is inevitable that we will step into it full force. It is this kind of mis-identity which can do harm. If, after all, I have become the anger that is visiting me, there are all kinds of havoc I may cause -- without noticing that I have handed over the contents of my mind to a distraught and temporary caller.
divine guidance
So the secret of dealing with anger is to receive it without judgment: to neither resist it, or give it ownership of my house. Anger, as all of us know, is a very powerful energy: very persuasive and very contagious.
What I do when heat catches hold of my consciousness is to step out of its noose as soon as I notice it, and invite it to sit down with me for a cup of tea. Deep breath, deep breath, and then I just listen. I let it know I understand why it is there. I even tell it to take its time; hang around as long as it needs to hang around. But in the process of this acceptance, I am becoming free. I am becoming the host, not the victim, of my visitor. And when I am safely out of its fiery clutch, I take steps to address its complaint in a neutral way.
spiritual consciousness
Does this sound like it's too much work?
anger management
Perhaps you think it is. Once upon a time, so did I. We all have. For now, I prefer to remain in charge of the house, and keep anger in the role of temporary guest. I honor it, I give it the gift of quiet attention, I may even surround it with Love. But I never, ever let it near the breakable dishes.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


As much as I try to except the fact that I am getting "older" it is still extremely hard to get used to. Sure, I can avoid the mirror, that's easy enough, and then when I do have to look into it I simply don't wear my glasses...That helps A LOT.  What is harder are these painful joints that used to work without screaming "STOP" every time I moved them slightly beyond their norm. WHAT! My tailbone is in the healing stages of a THIRD fracture...Happened last SUMMER...COME ON, it's almost been a year! Surely I should heal faster than that. I find that if I am on my feet too long or if I sit too long my ankles become so swollen that when I  press my finger into them  I leave a indentation that could hold water! I don't sleep, I wake up at 3:30 EVERY morning, I have started biting my nails off again. Heartburn has become part of my morning ritual and on my way to work Wednesday I fell asleep and went off the road.  I am just SO tired...

That being said, my sweet little grand daughter with the innocence of a child looked at me very closely this afternoon and said:
                                                  "Grandma you are old aren't you"?

So, here's the deal, I can't do much about the "looking old" thing, that's just life (and gravity) but, I hope for my grand children's sake that I NEVER act my age. That I suffer yet another broken tailbone doing crazy things like roller-balding down Hobble Creek canyon. That when they come over to see me and I am not home it's because I'm mountain biking in Moab or, better still I hope to be skiing with them in the not to far off future down the slopes teaching them how to do a mogul or two.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I do this a lot...It works about 1/1000 of  the time :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

If you say "gullible"
it sounds like


What a beautiful time of year. Not only for what it means but for what it shows us...Little miracles as each blade of grass starts to turn green and the trees begin to put leaves on again.  Even the flowers seem to race to see who can be the first to bloom and put an end to the endless gray of winter.  Don't get me wrong, I love the winter but, I'm pretty much "done" with skiing for the year...Had my fill AND I managed to not fall on my last day. You don't know what a blessing that is when you see some of the stuff my friends take me down. Champion is the site of the Mogul run for the 2002 Olympics. Yep, did it TWICE. We thought it would be a good way to end the season (and to make me a cripple...) My knees were hurting the "first" time down and then Shelly, the little "die hard" said: " We have just enough time to do it once more..." One day I am going to let them go without me but, not yet...

I fixed Easter Dinner and had the family over. We capped it off with a little Easter Egg Hunt for the little ones.  They had so much fun.  Cole was the big winner.  He had spied some of the eggs before dinner and knew just where to go when the hunt began. He is getting to dang smart! He is usually the only boy amidst all the little girls but, instead of complaining you will find him herding, helping, and watching out for each of them.  I think that HE thinks it is his job!
Not feeling so good
LOVE the hair

His bag is about FULL
Charly wants what's inside
Maddie and Bella
We missed Gage and Ali, Abbie and Emma and Ruby May! I hope that they had lots of fun where ever they were for Easter too.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Conference April 1, 2012


Words to live by.  Thank you President Uchtdorf.   I will do my best from this day forward to live by those two little words that carry such a big impact on relationships...Who knew it could be so simple?

I'm back!