Thursday, May 31, 2012


Who doesn't love butterflies? They are SO beautiful.  This time of year is especially fun because the Swallowtails are just all over here in the foothills of Springville!  Yellow is one of my very favorite colors so, to see these little splashes of color flitting around just makes me...Well, HAPPY.  ( I know your thinking that it takes very little to make me happy but, I have a husband that will argue that one with you).  They bring back so many memories of good times and the people that I love and those
that I continue to miss.  Kind of fitting this time of year don't you think?
 Wise words from Carrie Bradshaw!
 I have to admit that I actually got tired of the cold.  I love the snow but my joints are starting to feel winter so I have been enjoying the warmer weather, not sure I could move to St. George yet but, I am starting to cave just a little when Steve brings it up. If we bought a house on a golf course with a pool do you think that the kids and grandkido's would visit every weekend?