Saturday, February 26, 2011


We have had Charly since Wednesday. Her mommy and daddy went to Florida for a "Work" vacation and since Charly is only 4 months old she wasn't invited! Hooray for us. We have had such a fun time with this little one. What a good baby she is. I had just put her under the "play gym" and in about 10 minutes she had played herself right to sleep! I think this just might be the first time that she has EVER fallen asleep somewhere other than her crib or car seat. I hope her parents forgive me but, it was just TOO cute!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have not had a lot of time to post lately. It's not that there hasn't been postable events in my life...just not a lot of time to post those events! At this very moment it is 5:15 in the morning, I have been up since 3:30...I am babysitting my granddaughter this weekend for Garett and Lisa while they are in Disneyworld. She Slept until 3:30, I fed her and she went right back to sleep but grandma stayed awake! Normally, I would be getting ready for work at that time anyway so it isn't unusual, the problem...My dogs! They think that they need to EAT! Crazy animals! I know it is my schedule but, DO THEY NEED TO BE ON MY SCHEDULE??? Poor Steve, he is just about ready to throw in the towel. He has NEVER been an early riser. The only 4:00 he ever sees in the one in the afternoon! Lately he has been introduced all to often to the one that comes when it is still DARK outside. He is NOT a fan!

I finally got my camera back from the hospital. The quick fix was not so quick. I now have to learn to use it again. All of my settings are skewed so, I will be working on those...meanwhile, here is a picture of ONE of the culprits...He is sleeping peacefully
NOW...Empty bladder, full stomach, deer chased out of back yard...all is well in HIS world!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Just because you feel strong doesn't mean you are strong...

No, I can not lift and turn a 300 pound patient, even with help. Maybe with a lot of help but, not with a small amount of help. Sometimes I am thrown into a situation that requires strength beyond my ability! My brain tells me that "yes, for sure you can do it", my back, on the other hand fails miserably at about the half way point! I'm really getting to old for this "NURSE" thing...Did I really say that? You only hear that from me when my back hurts and I am looking at having to stay home from my ski day. That is a sacrifice. Skiing keeps me balanced on my "pole fence" of winter. One side death, the other insanity. It's a simple concept...Stay balanced and place one foot ahead of the other in a forward motion. Eventually you will walk smack dab into spring! This is why I have always referred to Thursdays as my "Mental Health Day".

I'm still a little torn, I could go and just do the groomers all day but, I know I would be tempted beyond my ability to resist and just HAVE to ski a few moguls...There is NEW POWDER out there this morning :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Happy Charly!

She is getting so big and SO animated. It is such fun having her here with us every day. She even smiles when she sees grandma...Not so much when she see grandma with her camera. What is it with kids and cameras? As long a Charly is looking at someone else I can catch her smiles but, she doesn't like to smile at my camera. I guess I would be a little leery to if grandma suddenly looked as if she were growing something black from her eye!

I am excited for Valentines Day tomorrow. The grandkids will be over this afternoon and I have cookies ready to decorate!!! We will have such FUN!
Sorry in advance for the "sugar high" moms and dads...

Saturday, February 12, 2011


Apprenticeship. Isn't that what life is all about? We learn from those who have been there and hopefully take from their insight what is the best part of this world...Most of us learn from doting parents, older brothers or sisters or great friends we meet along the way but there are a select few of us who have the blessings of aunts and uncles who adore us, who, in so many ways would without pause step in and give of themselves as parents do.

My Uncle Carl passed away last weekend. He was 86. There was never a guy on earth that made a pair of jeans, a white tee and a mustache look SO good. Such a talented and sweet man. Those
piercing blue eyes will be missed for now by those of us left behind but, Something tells me there is a big family reunion being planned even as I write this... Mom, Aunt Choral, Aunt Betty...Keep it simple and yes, I would love to bring a salad!

Susan, Diane, Y'Vonne & Don
Uncle Carl's & Aunt Betty's
Children... All together again!

I LOVE these guys!