Thursday, July 5, 2012


Happy 4th of July!!!

The 4th of July has never been my most favorite holiday, it is always SO hot and everyone knows how much this "winter girl" likes the heat :)  But, I have to say that having a son with a birthday on the 4th of July has made it even more reason for celebration.  I wanted to have a BBQ with the family and was thinking of something fun to do for the little ones.  I sent Steve and Clark to the store to find a slip and slide ( you know the one that you lay on the grass, hook the hose to and let the kids run and slide on...) A simple little water slide to  keep them entertained and cool.  WELL, this is what they came home with!

My advise to anyone reading this is: NEVER send two overgrown boys to the store with your debit card in search for a  toy...

Bella  (John & Lore)
Charly (Garett and Lisa)
Ruby (Sky & Christina)
Maddison (John & Lore)
Whitney ( John & Lore)
Abigail (Clark & Cami)

Emma (Clark & Cami)
Cole (John & Lore)

SO worth it!