Monday, June 24, 2013


I have worked harder than usual in my yard this year for reasons that I can't explain.  Perhaps it is because Steve keeps threatening me that we are going to sell our house and move to a condo where all the yard work is done for us.  He has never caught on to the concept that "you can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl".  I like to dig in the dirt, get my hands dirty and then wait to see what grows! ( or doesn't )

I water, oh how I water.  City boy does not understand why I water so much...He thinks that if you water once every few days " a little" it will be enough.  Not being raised raising things I can sort of see how he would think this but, I think that it is more a $$ thing for him.  He has to pay for my watering  things :)  See for Steve it is never a matter of  "Stop and smell the ROSES" it is all about how much did it cost to get them to bloom!                 ANYWAY...

I went out last night at just the right light and took some pictures of a few of my flowers.  For all of you that love them as much as I do I think you will enjoy the pictures.  I even got the Spanish Lavender to bloom twice this year!  I am working now on my hydrangea .  If I can get them to make it through the winter I will be SO excited!!!  My neighbor has one that made it so I know that I can too. I have been wanting to grow those for SO long.   It is in the ground now and it takes two years for it to establish and bloom. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!