Monday, January 23, 2012


Last year at this time we
were enjoying ourselves in one of our favorite vacation spots with some of our most favorite traveling companions.  It seems that January is always just a little more bearable when you spend half of it in Hawaii. We have traveled to so many places with Mike and Ann.  I often say that we have traveled the world with them because it pretty much sums it up!  For 20 years we have been taking trips with these two and have enjoyed EVERY minute with them.

This year things are a little bit different. Mike is battling some major health issues that have us all wondering if we will be able to make another trip together again to the "Big Island".  About 15 years ago he was the  proud recipient of a liver which has been doing a phenomenal job up until this year...He is in liver failure now and is waiting to be placed back on the list for a new one. The process is a long and often disappointing one but, we keep him in our thoughts and prayers and give him little chance to give up or get too disheartened.  He is such an inspiration to us all. I can not imagine one day without him in it and I tell him that all the time!  I have watched him go from 6'3-210 lbs to 6'3-150 lbs.  He has been in and out of the hospital so many times this year I have lost count yet, he shows up to our weekend "get togethers", "poop" parties           ( that's a very fun little card game with slight gambling involved),  and other activities that we throw at  him.  He is weak and exhausted most days now but never complains. His appetite is gone and he can't do what he absolutely LOVES...Golf, still he doesn't complain.

If I could give him part of my liver I would but he needs an entire one not just part. I think every one of us that know him would do that for him in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, we are forced to play the waiting game which is more like "Russian Roulette  when it comes to livers but, play it we will and we will be grateful for each and everyday!

We love you Mike. Get well so we can go warm our old bones in the sunshine again and again and again...

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Monday, January 9, 2012


Seriously...I need a vacation so that I can find a little time to blog.  Sorry that I haven't kept up. I will be back when my temporary bout with insanity subsides...Until then just know that I am learning new things, many of which are totally unimportant and self-indulgent!