Friday, September 27, 2013


Old Barn. Midway, Utah.

Feeling a little restless, I wanted to go for a bike ride the other day and enjoy the fall weather and the beautiful mountains turning to Autumn so, I loaded up my equipment (bike and camera) and took off for higher ground.  The plan when I started out was Sundance but as I approached the turn off in Provo Canyon  I thought, I always end  up at Sundance, I should try something different today...I had Park City on my mind but at the Charlston turn off  I spotted this huge old barn in the distance. I had to get a picture.

From Midway I thought that I would take the road up to Gardsman and down into Park City. I have done that one before to but, it is just SO pretty this time of year and it had been a while.  As I started up I thought wow, they finally paved it.  It's about time, I could have brought my rode bike instead of my mountain bike... It turned to dirt after a little while and about 2 hours into my ride I finally realized that I was on the WRONG ROAD!  I was headed over to Cascade Springs and Tibblefork  in American Fork Canyon!
For reasons like that my biking friends
1. Never let me lead
 2.Never let me go off by myself
3. Never, ever listen to me when it comes to direction

It was still a beautiful ride, and...I will do it again
someday. (With friends)

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Shauna said...

Joey! You make me nervous girl!!!! You need to ride with a partner! What about all those critters and weirdos hiding out in the bushes?!! You're too brave!!!!!! But...glad you had a good time!!! xo