Saturday, April 27, 2013


Sorry, my pictures didn't stay.  I will post them again soon.  I really did have a picture of my bench and the garage floor. They just disappeared!
 I saw my first yellow butterfly yesterday!  Spring IS really here.  I immediately started thinking about all the things I wanted to do when the weather was warm enough ( is 46 degrees warm enough).  Today it is supposed to be in the seventies!  AMAZING. I may play outside all day.

I started off the warm weather "get 'er done" phase by painting my poor 'ol bench.  It has been purple for the last couple of years so, I changed it to yellow this year.  I think that butterfly had something to do with my color choice.

Last night when I got home from work I looked at my garage and knew that it was time to do a little cleaning in there too.  I filled up a five gallon bucket of soapy water and threw it all over the floor and scrubbed.  Steve and I could have eaten dinner on the garage floor last night!  I didn't want to pull the cars in...No, we didn't eat dinner out there and yes, I did pull the cars in. The cars did leave some tire marks on the floor ( breath Joey breath) but, I did wipe them up with some cleaning wipes after they were both in :)
Today I am not sure what my choices will be.  The day promises to be gorgeous so the possibilities are endless. If I can stay focused I may try and do some much needed yard work, if not, well I'll take pictures and post my adventures!

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